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We assist participants in connecting with knowledgeable Agents in their areas, notify clients of properties available, and help provide a greater understanding of the GNND program requirements. We are not affiliated with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). This service to you is funded by our nationwide network of Real Estate Professionals.

Bruce Arrant is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and a licensed Real Estate Broker. In 2001, Bruce began his real estate career by marketing and selling residential properties. He quickly developed a keen interest in HUD homes and other government-owned real estate. Bruce began promoting two initiatives that assisted Law Enforcement Officers and Teachers acquire homes at a 50% discount, The two programs Officer Next Door and Teacher Next Door, were not well known and before long, he was traveling throughout Texas assisting these these dedicated professionals take advantage of this amazing federal program.

In 2003, he created the web sites and to get the news of these programs out to the rest of the country. Officers and Teachers from every state in the union showed great interest in the initiatives and Bruce then journeyed across the nation to train, collaborate with, and recruit Real Estate Agents in every state to assist these pillars of the community take advantage of this great opportunity.

In 2006, HUD combined the Officer Next Door and the Teacher Next Door programs, added Firefighters and EMTs as eligible candidates, and changed the program name to Good Neighbor Next Door. Bruce established the ( web site for the purpose of providing a single location where interested parties could find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ′s), become educated on the eligibility requirements, and be notified when homes became available in their area. His mission to educate Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders across the country about the Good Neighbor Next Door program continues today.

With a network of Agents coast to coast, Bruce continues to assist in promoting properties, guiding Agents through the acquisition process, and answering program questions.


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